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Classics Club logo

May I present our wonderful Classics Club logo, designed by our very own Barbarann! It depicts Hektor and Achilles in action and incorporates the lovely diagonal composition that you may remember from last term was a favoured technique of the Greek sculptors and artists. Note also the rippling muscles (!) of the heroes and their kilt-like attire together with the plumed helmets, all of which we have read about recently.

© Lang

The grapes are a nod to the wine which the heroes frequently drink and offer to the gods, and are also reminiscent of Homer’s epithet for the sea as ‘wine-dark’.

Barbarann had the excellent idea of including the words ‘Classics Club’ in Greek and Latin. The Greek version means ‘Greek club’ and the word for Classics in Latin should strictly also be ‘Greek’ (Graecus) but I thought we should give the Romans their due, hence ‘Romanus’. The Greek word for club also means ‘companionship’ and the Latin one is literally ‘a circle or group for conversation’. I think both of these descriptions fit our group rather well. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your companionship during these difficult times and for being part of such a lovely circle.

A huge thank you and congratulations to Barbarann for creating such a lively and appropriate image - perfect for bringing us all cheer and inspiration!

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