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Writing        (Illustrations shown above (c) Amanda Short Design.)

A Latin Lexicon: a Compendium of Latin words and English Derivatives (October 2020).

Illustrated by Amanda Short.

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Culture and Society at Lullingstone Roman Villa

In July 2019 Caroline's first book, Culture and Society at Lullingstone Roman Villa, was published by Archaeopress.                                                

The book was published to coincide with the 70 year anniversary celebrations of the commencement of excavations at the site. This study draws on the original reports but also embraces innovative approaches to examining the archaeological evidence and sheds new light on our understanding of the villa's use. For the first time, the site of Lullingstone Roman Villa is surveyed holistically, developing a plausible argument that the inhabitants used domestic space to assert their status and cultural identity.                                               

Reviews of Caroline's book can be read here.

The History Girls:​

In March 2020, Caroline joined the History Girls, a group of best-selling, award-winning writers of historical fiction and non-fiction. Among them, they cover every period from the Stone Age to World War II, including of course the world of Classical Greece and Rome.

On their weekly blog on Fridays, the History Girls share their thoughts on writing, research, reviews, and all aspects of their work. You can find out more about the History Girls and read their blog here 


School Play:​

In 2016, Caroline was commissioned to write a play for a London school, as part of the Year 4’s Roman topic. Some of the pupils' comments about their experience in the play are posted below.





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(c) Caroline Lawrence

My part was a Roman slave girl. Before the show started I was a bit nervous but then I really got into it. The play was really funny and the parents all loved it.

Year 4 pupil, London.