Caroline tutors from her and her husband’s farm house in East Sussex where the tranquillity of the rural setting lends itself to productive and enjoyable learning.  A dedicated tutoring room with views across the countryside incorporates a small Classics library, which Caroline has assembled over many years and which forms the basis of her research and teaching.

Creation of a mini museum is also underway, including modern works inspired by Greek and Roman art and some original Roman artefacts on loan from a local archaeological project of which Caroline is a member, allowing tutees the rare opportunity to handle and closely examine such treasures. This helps to bring the Classical World and its inhabitants to life. Latin Scrabble and other games also contribute to a lively and fun approach to learning. 


Lessons can be booked in blocks or on a flexible basis and are usually for an hour, or an hour and a half. They can be arranged to fit in with tutees’ school timetables, with early morning and late afternoon availability in term time, and weekends and holidays enabling additional sessions. 


Tutoring is also available in central London where Caroline’s current pupils include Classics students (undergraduates and postgraduates), professionals, and individuals taking up Latin and Classical Greek in retirement. 

Caroline also offers tutoring by Zoom and Skype. This means she is now teaching pupils from all over the globe, from Burwash to Brussels and from Sevenoaks to Seattle! Pupils closer to home, including from Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, enjoy a combination of online and face-to-face Latin and Greek tutoring which suits their busy schedules of GCSEs, A' Levels and IB studies.

Private Tutoring

Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation

Caroline’s enthusiasm for the Classics is infectious and stimulating. As an older person wishing to use early retirement in 2014 as an opportunity to correct a lack of application and pursuit of Classical knowledge at school, I have been privileged to receive tuition from Caroline and the phrase ‘it’s all Greek to me’ now takes on a very different and exciting meaning. Her high standards are blended with a patient and constructive approach to any shortcomings or weaknesses on my part, while at the same time praising strengths and encouraging me to strive to do better. This helps to build confidence, making the learning process both more effective and enjoyable. Caroline has made ‘better late than never’ a very real option for me in learning the Classics, which I have found extremely rewarding, both in terms of achievement

and personal fulfilment.


A.N., London.


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