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Meeting the volunteers at Lullingstone Roman Villa

Image © Historic England Archive.

It was a real pleasure to meet some of the brilliant volunteers and English Heritage team at Lullingstone Roman Villa when I delivered an online talk exclusively for them in August.

We discussed some of our favourite parts of the Villa including this rather lovely mosaic depicting Europa being carried off by Jupiter in disguise as a bull. Visitors often ask about this mosaic and its fascinating Latin inscription and I really enjoyed hearing everyone's thoughts on it.

It was also great to hear about the work the Educational Volunteers do with schools who visit the Villa. It is such a great site for learning (across many curriculum subjects) and pupils can even dress up and play Roman games.

Looking forward to returning to the Villa in person later this year. If you haven't already been, I highly recommend it!

Thank you very much to Emma Freeman, Site Manager at the Villa, for inviting me and for hosting the meeting; and to everyone who attended and for sharing all your stories.

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