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School holidays Latin and Greek tutoring

If you are looking for a Latin or Greek tutor for the school holidays, please do get in touch. I offer Latin and Greek lessons online so now teach throughout the UK and internationally.

Whether you opt for a one-off lesson or regular sessions, the school holidays are a great opportunity to consolidate learning from the previous school year. I also work with many pupils to prepare ahead for the new academic year so that they return to school in September feeling confident and excited about resuming their Latin and Greek studies.


Latin and Greek tutor available for almost any location including (to name a few) London, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Winchester, Cambridge, Oxford, Buckingham, Hertford, Essex, Berkshire, Gloucester, Warwick, Manchester, York, Durham, Exeter, Bristol, Bath, Harrogate, Nottingham, Cheltenham, Newcastle, Brighton, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Dundee, Cardiff, Dublin, Dubai, Hong Kong, Cape Town, New York, Washington, Chicago, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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