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Article for Classical Association's Omnibus magazine

I was delighted to contribute an article on Lullingstone Roman Villa for the Classical Association's magazine 'Omnibus'.

The Classical Association describes the magazine as follows:

'Published twice a year, in March and September, its 32 full-colour pages offer fresh insights into the greatest classical texts, explore from new angles the enduring puzzles of ancient history, visit the fundamental areas of philosophical enquiry in antiquity, and bring you news and views from the world of classical archaeology and art. Designed to be both accessible and beautiful, Omnibus earns its place both on the desk and on the coffee-table.' Find out more on the Classical Association's website:

You can read my article in full here (downloadable as a pdf or see images below):

(Thank you to the editorial board of Omnibus and to the Classical Association.)

Mackenzie Omnibus 81
Download PDF • 2.13MB

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