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Interview with Dr. Ian Jenkins OBE, FSA

Dr. Ian Jenkins OBE, FSA is Senior Curator of the Greek Section at the British Museum. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing him for Argo, a journal of the Hellenic Society. Read the interview here:

The British Museum © Caroline Mackenzie

Dr. Jenkins is the author of numerous books such as Archaeologists and Aesthetes in the Sculpture Galleries of the British Museum 1800-1939 (1992), The Parthenon Frieze (1994), Vases and Volcanoes: Sir William Hamilton and his Collection (1996)

(co-authored with Kim Sloan), and Greek Architecture and its Sculpture (2006).

He has also curated some of the most memorable exhibitions at the British Museum, including Defining Beauty: the body in ancient Greek art (2015) and Rodin and the art of ancient Greece (2018).

© Caroline Mackenzie © Caroline Mackenzie

On the day of the interview, I took these photographs of the impressive façade of the British Museum. It is a good example of the legacy of Greek and Roman architecture in many of London’s buildings today. The exterior design of the Museum is just an introduction to the wonderful artefacts displayed in the Greek and Roman galleries inside. These collections are a treasure trove for students of Classics as well as for visitors with no former knowledge of Greek and Roman art and archaeology. For more information, see:

The interview will be published in the forthcoming Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Argo. The Argo page of the Hellenic Society website is My recently published articles with Argo can be read here:

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