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My first book is published: Culture and Society at Lullingstone Roman Villa

Cover image: Lullingstone Roman Villa in its landscape in the later fourth century AD (illustration by Peter Urmston). (c) Historic England Archive.

I am delighted that my first book has just been published by Archaeopress and is now available to buy through their website:{E21ADF26-9432-4203-B6A2-80AB4C7DC0E5}

I officially launched the book last evening at an event at Lullingstone Roman Villa which was held to celebrate the 70 year anniversary of the commencement of the excavations at the site. It was a real privilege to meet some of the original diggers (and their families) who volunteered during the period 1949-1961 and played a crucial part in the uncovering of this extraordinary villa.

More information about my book is on the Writing page of my website: and on Archaeopress' website above.

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