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Summer School in Homer 2019

Applications are now open for the Summer School in Homer 2019, directed by Dr. Antony Makrinos, which will take place at University College London from Monday 22nd to Friday 26th July inclusive.

I shall be teaching the Intermediate Class in which we read parts of Homer’s Odyssey Book 5 in the original Greek, using Frank Beetham's Beginning Greek with Homer pp. 41-110.

Homer's Odyssey is my all-time favourite book (it would definitely be my Desert Island Discs choice!) and it is a real joy to teach it on this Summer School. All the students and tutors are passionate about Homer and it is a wonderful environment in which to immerse yourself for five days. The week is intensive but hugely enjoyable. I first attended it as a student and was hooked!

While the Summer School is a great opportunity to learn, we ensure the week is relaxed and fun and students can choose how much to participate in the extra-curricular activities. For example, we have events at the end of each teaching day covering all sorts of Homeric-related themes and fantastic guest speakers. Of course the week concludes with a party at which students can share their experiences of the week and celebrate all that they have learned and the new friends they have made.

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